That was amazing! 

Early Saturday morning at Kalavrita snow center, with bluebird sky and over 50cm of fresh snow covering everything….

In less than 2 hours, shapers and 3 ratraks did the impossible…  Cleared the snow, shaped the park and everything was ready for Helmos Team Battle!!!

36 riders/12 teams had registered for battle! 

After enjoying some fresh powder, and some energy refilling by Frulite On The Go, they gathered in the park, ready to Battle for the Victory Goat. We are honored that crews and friends joined us from all over Greece, with Omixli crew driving over 500klm straight from Kastoria!!!

After almost 3 hours of  hi-level freestyle snowboarding, at the biggest snowpark in Greece,  “Oi kalyteroi kaitetoia” won the battle  -along with the Victory Goat- sponsor’s goodies and the grand prize of 1.000€!



The ”Absolut” team took the second place and “Guest Stars” the 3rd.



In girls’ category, “Oi xeiroteres” came 1st and “local skinny llamas” took the second place.



Spyros Bellonias won best trick with his signature toeside frontside 720, taking home a brand new Nitro snowboard, a tablet and goodies.


All Winners got many many goodies from our huge list of sponsors: Frulite On The Go, Nitro, Neff, Colour wear, Rome SDS, Stepchild, Vikings, Rhythm, Protest, Billabong, Sneak Aces, Rich bitch Poor Dog, Stinky, Globe, Transform Gloves, 21kifissia, Microxtreme and Fifty-fifty boardshop.

We feel that the biggest winner of Helmos Team Battle was snowboarding!!! After all that’s what this is all about! 

Excitement, happy faces and smiles were everywhere. That’s how contests should be like! Hope to see all of you next year, in a bigger Helmos Team Battle contest!


Until then… the Victory Goat says Thank YOU!

victory goat thanks you