Kiriakos Asimakopoulos aka Candido Da Silva is the man behind the Victory Goat. He is an independant artist, who thought and designed the goat, the logo and official mascot of the Helmos Team Battle.

We wanted to introduce Kiriakos to all of you, and let you know some things about him! We met him and asked a couple of questions. And here there are…  


When did you start riding sideways?

I started snowboarding around 1996. I also love

surfing, fixed-gear riding, skate-cruising, motorcycling and painting.

What about painting, when did you start?

It feels like… forever!

When did you realize that there is a strong relation between boardsports and arts?

Thefirst time I bumped onto a skate deck.

Favourite artist?

I’m torn between Jean-Michel Basquiat and Raymond Pettibon.

As for my favourite rider of all time…. I’d go for Scotty Whitlake.

Dreamday riding?

Powder, sun, friends, girlfriend, good vibes… surrounded by trees,

somewhere at ‘Άγκυρα’. (T-bar)

One board graphic that you really love…

Capita, Corey Smith, the one with the chick

jumping on the bed. (Stairmaster Extreme 2008)

Check more about him and his work at: